Thursday, September 18, 2008

Losing my blog virginity

This is my very first time blogging. I have no idea who any of the people in this photo are besides Floyd. I've lost it with total strangers...


Marc Acito said...

That's my 22 year old boyfriend Young Noah on the left

Ship Wreck Shipley said...

Hey Susan,

I was updating my blog - I added a link from my page to yours - hope that's cool?

You can lurk my page and if you want me to remove your link - just let me know!


Lyndsay said...

Oh yay - you have a blog!!

I just finished reading 'Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven' - I enjoyed it so much. When I was 19 I toured through Europe with two of my girlfriends - one had a manic episode and we had to figure out how to get her home.... many details of your story were similar to mine. I've already ordered a copy of your book for the other friend I travelled with!

I'm off to read the blog!